Basic Authentication

Clear LRS supports the Basic Auth header when authenticating HTTP requests. If using a client library for building the authentication header, you will need to enter the following as the username and password for the request:

  • Username: Your API Key

  • Password: Your API Secret

A Clear customer representative will provide you with an API Key and API Secret suitable for the integration you're building.

If building the HTTP request by hand, you will need to follow the Basic Auth specification to convert your username and password to a token that can be sent within the authorization HTTP header.

Example CURL
curl \
-H "authorization: Basic a2V5OnNlY3JldA=="

In the above example, the token is a base64 encoding of key:secret

When content is launched from the LRS, a short-lived token will be automatically generated and supplied for the learner that launched the content. This token should be used as the value for the authorization header as demonstrated above. Read more about this mechanism in the Content Launch section.

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