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This document serves as a reference for third party developers wishing to target ClearXP's implementation of the Experience API. Whether building eLearning content or a custom integration, the information provided within this document should provide a solid grounding for accomplishing most tasks.

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The Experience API (xAPI) introduces concepts and a technical definition for defining interactions between a learner and digital or physical training materials. These experiences can range from simple to incredibly complex, but what's not covered in the xAPI specification is how these interactions are to be interpreted by the Learning Record Store (LRS).

Furthermore, with many of the restrictions imposed by SCORM now lifted, we're seeing more complex applications being built that are required to pull data back from the LRS to provide a richer learning experience. The xAPI defines a rudimentary mechanism for the learning application to manage this data via document resources (see State and Activity Profile references) but this has the potential to cause a disconnect between the application and the LRS' own reporting tools.

Clear LRS provides a superset of the Experience API via xAPI-compliant extensions to fill the gap between recording data and reporting on it.

Clear LRS enables learning content developers to build rich experiences by providing a means to pull back aggregate training data via standard xAPI endpoints.

Next Steps

Follow the Getting Started guide to begin your integration journey or jump straight to the API reference if you're already familiar with the Experience API.

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